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Play on physical casino table games AT HOME using real chips and cards in hand

Proxylay The Invention

A new invention

ProxyLay is a new invention that is going to change the casino gaming industry for good. This invention has a patent pending in the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office)

ProxyLay Details

ProxyLay enables players at home and outside physical casinos to play for real money or for fun on Roulette, Laysix (www.laysix.com), Blackjack, Texas Hold'Em Poker and many other casino table games, using real (physical) layouts and real (physical) chips and cards that they can touch and feel with their hands. 

Prototype Development

ProxyLay casino table games layouts prototypes are being developed at the moment. The technologies that would be used in their development have been identified and tested 

About Us

Roulette and Laysix Layouts

Using ProxyLay Roulette and Laysix (www.laysix.com) table layouts, players can use real chips in hand to place their bets. These specially designed casino chips are provided with the layout and they can be used to give the same feeling as if you were playing inside a casino but at your own home 

Card Games Layouts

Players have a variety of casino card games at the comfort of their homes. Bets are placed with real chips in hands on the layouts and the cards whether drawn by a live dealer or computer generated will be shown on players' table layouts when playing Blackjack, Laysix (www.laysix.com) and Texas Hold'Em Poker. 

In Texas Hold'Em Poker, players can reveal cards that are broadcast on special flexible displays similar to the act of revealing cards in casinos i.e. as if they are touching real cards in hand

ProxyLay A Game Changer

ProxyLay will increase casino gaming industry revenues in massive scales without affecting B&M (Physical) or online casinos. Although ProxyLay needs to be connected to online casinos with or without live dealers, the system is stand-alone and can be used with any real money or play-for-fun casino

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